Create page from frontend (cookbook) - In need of a working example

Hi there,

First post on this forum and new in Kirby, so nice to meet you all;
I’m creating a page which needs a very similar function to the cookbook example ‘Creating pages from frontend’.
Unfortunately after hours of trying and following every single step of the cookbook, I still can’t get it to work.

So, is there perhaps somebody who can provide me with a working (similar) example?

Hey @walterbrozinski, sorry to hear you couldn’t get it to work. But the cookbook recipe it is in fact a working example, and most problems arise from missing something when following along.

Let’s start with asking for your code example that doesn’t work.

  • What exactly doesn’t work?
  • Does the form get sent at all (check in dev tool network tab)?
  • Have you created the parent page?
  • Have you included the action attribute in your form so that it points to the page with your controller?

Hi Texnixe,

Thanks for your reply. I find the solution to my problem. It was in this line: “We assume that each event page has a subpage called registrations and try to create the new pages as subpages of /registrations”. I didn’t create a registration page as a child of the event page.

Glad you finally found the problem…:slightly_smiling_face: