Is the "Create Pages from Front End' tut still valid in Kirby 3?

Hey all

Is this tutorial still valid in Kirby 3?

Create Frontend Page


No, some things have changed. The general procedure is srill the same but there were some api changes

I thought as much - can you point me in the right direction to get it working?

I‘m on the phone now but if you check out the form examples in the cookbook and the $page->create method and authentication, your a big step forward

Thanks. I’ll look into it and post any success.

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Hello - I’ve followed this recipe and it works well, except for recently the form submits it self and blanks all the fields failing to post the content. I’ve tried:


<form action="" method="post"></form>

<form action="<?= $page->url() ?>" method="post"></form>

and it still persists. As far as I am aware an empty action="" is still HTML5 spec?

Anyone help… maybe this need to be a new post.

What do you mean?

Sorry, bit vague.

Essentially on occasion it will submit and nothing is posted. Just reloads the page with empty form fields.

I was really just checking if there was something specific to the Kirby setup that might cause this or an area Kirby specific I should be looking into.