Create blueprint with fields fetched from a structure field

I am using Kirby Builder to create the structure of a form.

Once I collected all the data and saved it in a subpage, I’d like to be able to have a look at it by using a blueprint.

Is it possible to use a panel.hook and create a blueprint based on the name fields used to create the page with the data from the form?

With Kirby Builder I cannot and don’t want to have a fixed blueprint layout, and if the panel.hook would allow it, I think the easiest way would be to generate the blueprint from the fields generated in the saved form page.

Otherwise I think another easy way would be to password-protect a subpage and iterate over the saved data, but using the panel option would be nice.

Do you use different templates to create the subpages? If so, it would not make sense to create individual blueprints.