Content reorganisation and url


I don’t know if it a good way to do this…
If I have Page with numerous sub pages:

Site - Projects - project 1 - project 2 ... project 10

and would like to “reorganize” these subpage under 2 categories:

Site - Projects - project1 - project 2 ... project 5
Site - Projects part 2 - project 6 - project 7 ... project 10

In the URL is it possible to keep projects replacing Projects-part-2

I tried with Routing but was not able to do it :frowning:

Thanks for help.

I don’t think that is such a good idea, because you could have two subfolders with the same name in both category directories, which would then interfere. What is your reason for putting the projects into two separate folders?

you mean :


   projects part 1
      project 1
      project 2
      project 5

   projects part 2
      project 5
      project 6
      project 10

The reason is that I would not change url of pages and give a good organisation to my content.

It is for my website, I can go on this way without problems, but would like to learn more about it for any futur projects

My question is why you want a second folder for your projects?

I don’t know if the routing could work, but I see the following problem, let’s suppose you had your original projects folder


and then a second folder


Now someone wants to add a new folder to projects-part2 and calls it project-1, because there is nothing to prevent that.

With a route that routes all projects-part2 to projects, you would suddenly end up with two folders with the same URL, i.e. the original projects/project-1 and the rerouted projects/project-1. Not good.

And the idea I had at first and then removed, would lead to the same problem, so it doesn’t make sense.

Yes I thought also it was not a very good idea, you confirm it to me.