Regroup subpages

I’m building a website where projects can have subpages.
I’d like to regroup all of these subpages somewhere in the panel (but also later in the frontend).
I also would like to add pages that are not related to any project (so not a subpage) in that list.

I’ve been exploring the documentation but I don’t really know how to search for a solution. So I’m asking, should I make an album? Should I use parent: site.index.findBy("template", "texts") in a blueprint to regroup them ?

Thanks for the help.

What do you mean by “regroup subpages”?

A parent can only be a single page, but your query would return a page collection.

by regroup subpages, I mean creating a specific page in the panel where i can find all of them regardless of their initial parent page where they were created.

A pages section always has a single parent. If you want to query pages from all locations, you need a custom section, e.g. one of these plugins, that allows you to use a query:

May I ask if you have another idea on how I could achieve this more simply?
Having another type of organisation?
What i’d like to achieve is to link articles to some projects in the panel, but to have a page for all those articles too (they all have the same template).
It doesn’t really matter if I create them from the list and link them later (which makes me think, can I edit the blueprint so I can only add already existing subpages to my projects?)
In a really simple way, i’d like to connect two pages (in my frontend & backend)…

I’d like later to be able to have a specific page in the frontend, where they are all shown.

That could mean a pages field in a project blueprint where you could select one or more pages from a given set.

it was exactly what I was looking for.