Changing project url in a category collection


I am using filter by collection.
The url structure of my project is as following:

/projects (all items)
/projects/interior (interior items)
/projects/design (design items)

This works wonderful. But if you click on a project the url will be: /projects/project-1

For SEO reasons it should be better to let the url from this specific project be:
/projects/interior/project-1 so including the category.

I know I can achieve this by making parent pages with the category name. But I was wondering if it is also possible with categories itself.


You could handle this with routes.

Can a project have multiple categories? Be wary to not create duplicate content.

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Okay thats great! No a project can have only one category :slight_smile:

To create the correct URL right from the beginning, you can use a page model in addition to the routes.

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Thank you. I’ll give it a shot!