Configuring Markdown Extra in Kirby

I was unable to find any docs on how to configure the Markdown Extra Kirby uses. I enabled it, but I want to change some of its behavior.

Specifically I am looking for a way to change what is described in the Markdown: Configuration > Markdown Extra Configuration. I want to edit the value of fn_backlink_html to use a different character for the backlink.

How can I add this configuraiton to Kirby?

Kirby uses GitHub - erusev/parsedown-extra: Markdown Extra Extension for Parsedown - I am not aware currently if there is any way to configure this for Parsedown Extra.

You should be able to set those options in the config, or when calling the markdown() field method

Other than that, you can overwrite the markdown component, and use the michelf library instead.

@distantnative is probably right, other library.

:laughing: Two different answers… I am still staring at the Parsedown Extra class. But haven’t found where this would be picked up.

I am afraid it’s hardcoded: parsedown-extra/ParsedownExtra.php at master · erusev/parsedown-extra · GitHub

So you would indeed need to overwrite the markdown component and use a different interpreter than Parsedown.

Thank you all, I am sorry I did not reply sooner. I’ll consider the options, but as I don’t want to make the update process more difficult than it is, I think I will not edit the ParsedownExtra.php. I think @texnixe’s answer is the solution, I’ll try before flagging it as “Solution”.