Installing regular markdown and markdown extra

Because Parsedown is slowly driving me insane with the addition of seemingly random tags I would like to try installing regular Markdown and Markdown Extra. Can somebody explain me, in a non developer vocabulary, how to do this? Preferably without composer, because the underneath example doesn’t make any sense to me. Thanks!

Check the docs if you don’t want to use composer:

Download the library, require it in index.php instead of using the autoloader and then from there.


I installed with composer after all and it was indeed easy peasy.
And regular Markdown Extra seems to work like a charm.

Just in case if somebody else reads this:

Why install regular Markdown (Extra)
I’ve been getting lots of problems with the rendering of custom tags like {{ accordion }} or (widget: accordion). In cases where the code in the snippets referenced by the plugins contained the use of regular indentations with spaces.

I was forced to clear most, or not all, spaces. Even then, it didn’t always work and it would break my layout because of extra paragraph or div tags being inserted. I tried testing to see where and when but in the case where the same code would be used for different content, like an accordion with different amount of sections, one accordion would work but another would break the layout – so, your basic nightmare.

After installing Markdown Extra the situation has improved a lot. Now I have to control whitespaces at the beginning of a loop or before a conditional but after that I seem to be able to use readable code with proper indentation. Some more testing to do, but things seem to be a lot more predictable.

@texnixe Question: I’m working on this theme, if I was to move forward using the regular Markdown Extra parser. I’ve got a possible problem with updates because of the dependecies. I could of course supply users with updates but that’s not ‘very handy’. Maybe I could move markdown to the site dir, any thoughts or suggestions?

But that’s a problem with all plugins, dependencies or not?

Yes, I guess you’re right, testing for each upgrade should be done.