Clone Kirby into Bitbucket and how is it updated?

I have imported Kirby from github to my private Bitbucket.

And now I want to know if it will be updated itself when there is changes in the original github files of Kirby?

I assume you used submodules?

In git, there is no “auto-update” feature. What you can do, though, is to configure your git instance to automatically update submodules whenever you pull:

git config --global alias.pullall '!git pull && git submodule update --init --recursive'

However, this is not recommended. You should always check the changelog before you update, to avoid breaking the site without realizing it. That’s my opinion.

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Not really. I look after that and look what I have to change. Thx.

It’s a little bit complicated, I think.

For the next time I will go another way to update the kirby files.

I use a seperate branches in Bitbucket and make after each update a compare of the files which have a change.

At the moment the thing with submodules is a little bit too heavy.

At the moment I don’t really know how to make it.

So I have to find another to update Kirby when I need it.

Topic is solved.

I’ll take the time to explain later if nobody else does it before me. It’s actually quite easy once you’ve understood how it works, but it can be a bit daunting at first. Don’t worry though, you’ll get it I’m sure :wink:

I use Sourcetree (it’s from the creators of Bitbucket) and it’s a GUI for Git. It will list the submodules under the title ‘submodules’ per repository :slight_smile:

If you click (double) on the kirby or panel repo on the left sidebar

You will go to the repository of Kirby or Panel. From the Master repository, click pull to get the latest changes.

This Working with Git recipe explains how you can add Kirby and the Panel as submodules to your project.

I can also recommend SourceTree as a free alternative to the paid Tower client.

Thanks for your help.

But now I have something really crazy and have to look if it is better to go on a new starting point.

I think it would be better to make it without a version control system.

This topic is actually too big for me. I don’t know where my mistakes are and so I must make it without it.

I have make a last try and use now github.

When I go through the Cookbook of Kirby and make the steps of the article about “Working with git” then I have a folder in github which isn’t clickable. Is that right?

That is absolutely how it should be :slight_smile:

But it should not make a difference if you use GitHub or Bitbucket or any other service. The procedure is always the same.

Edit: If you would clone your repository from GitHub to your local computer or a remote server now, the Kirby and Panel folders would be empty. What you then need to do, is initialize the submodules in the new repo and then pull them into it. It’s a bit hard at the beginning, but you will eventually get used to it, I think.

You can just play around with this a bit by cloning your repo from GitHub into a new repo with another name to test how that works.

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You don’t need to do everything perfectly at the beginning. Starting without version control and then adding it in when you are comfortable with it is just fine. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know where my mistake was but with github it seems to be working well.

I have in my github repo a non-clickable folder names starterkit and on my local machine the complete starterkit for development use.

Actually it seems really good. Why it functions now better as before - no idea.

Is this the right configuration on github?

What do you mean with “right configuration”? At least, it’s the way a repo with submodules looks like :slight_smile:.

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Then I have understand something right. :grinning:

I haven’t found other words to describe what I want to know.

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BTW: Since you followed the Git recipe, was it helpful as it is or did you miss anything that could be explained in a better way or more extensively?

I think there is nothing missing.

For me it would be better when it is a list with declarations like first step, second step and so on.

But this is my personal opinion and everyone think different.

Thanks for your feedback, Markus :slight_smile:

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