Using Tower with Kirby (How to update?)

Hi :smile:

Is anybody here using Tower for Kirby developing with Git? If so I’d be glad if someone could explain how to do updates. I learned everything else I wanted to know from this tutorial: Design & Develop Your Own Blog. But I’m not sure how to update the submodules from within tower. Especially how to handle the toolkit which is a submodule of the kirby submodule …


I read this already, but I’m not sure how to handle the fact that there’s a submodule in a submodule …

I know, but I want to to it with Tower :wink:

If you are inside a submodule, the submodules list in the sidebar will contain the submodule’s submodules. You can open them as deep as you need.

Yes I know that. But let’s say theres an update for the kirby submodule, do I have to update the toolkit manually or is this automatically included in the update of kirby.
Or can I just set all submodules to master branch and Tower does the rest?

No. Tower is just a GUI client for git and does not do any magic.

Pulling one submodule (kirby in this case) only updates the files of the repository itself and does not checkout the appropriate commit of its submodules.

I use Tower for merging and committing parts of the code (a GUI tool is great for that), but for updating submodules, I use the command git submodule update --init --recursive after pulling the kirby and panel submodules to make sure that everything gets updated to the appropriate commits. That’s actually faster than clicking around in Tower. :wink:

Thats sound like a good workflow :wink:

How do you pull the submodules? “Fetch” them in Tower?

Fetch (downward arrow) and Pull (filled downward arrow) are two different operations. Pull is the right one in this case. You can also drag the master branch from the remote onto your local branch.

Then I’ll have to do this operation inside a submodule? Because in my lets call it root repo when right clicking on a submodule I can only fetch? Or is it because there’s nothing to pull at the moment?

Hm, I don’t know why there is no “Pull” there. If you go into it, you can pull.

Yes ok … When I find some time I set up some demo repos to test (and learn) how to use (g)it. :slight_smile:

just4fun :smiley:


Ok here’s a picture of my Tower/Kirby usage. the right-click menu show which branch you have checked out. I’m on the master here, but you can also swap to a tag, and then swap checkout a new tag when you feel ready. Fairly sure update “panel” is not greyed out if there is something to pull, or might just need to do a 'Fetch “panel” ’ first.

Oh and submodule in a submodule thing - dbl click on the kirby submodule, it will open that repository in it’s own view, so you can perform the same actions as the level above.

Okay, then I got it right. Thanks!