Checkboxes seperator?

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quick question:
I’ve got multiple products in a structure field and I want to filter them with isotope. Now you have to give each product a div class like this

<div class="p-2 item <?= $backpack->isogruppe()->text() ?>">

The isogruppe field is a checkboxes type but when I check multiple options it puts a comma by default into the code and isotope cant filter them anymore as result. How do I change to seperator to a space blank?

class="p-2 item junge, mädchen, vorschule"

What I want:

class="p-2 item junge mädchen vorschule"

My blueprint:

    label: Schulranzen
    type: structure
    style: table
        label: Bild
        type: image
        label: Sortierungsgruppe
        type: checkboxes
        seperator: ;
          junge: Junge
          mädchen: Mädchen
          vorschule: Vorschule

I’ve changed the seperator to ; but it doesnt work at all.

One way of doing this would be with a simple string replacement:

<?= str_replace(',', ' ', $backpack->isogruppe()) ?>
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Quick, easy and working answer like always.

I love kirby and it’s developers+community :smiley:

Thank you very much and have a nice day :wink:

You actually had a typo, it’s separator not seperator.
This way it should also work.

While this observation is true, there is no separator option for checkboxes. The options are always comma separated when saved to file.

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