Change every localized string within the panel - Looking for beta testers!

Hello my fellow (plugin) developers. Iā€™m looking for some beta testers :pleading_face:

I created a new Kirby 3.6 Plugin which lets you change every* localized string within the panel ā€“ plugins included. So if you ever wanted to adapt a string, this is your chance!

*Every means that is must be properly registered. Hardcode strings are completely ignored :sweat_smile:


Please be aware that this plugin is basically a functional prototype. The code is mess and lacks of proper testing. I decided to publish this early because I want to collect some feedback beforehand.


If you want to try it you can grab the source code over at Github Releases Ā· gearsdigital/localizer-for-kirby Ā· GitHub

Alternatively you can use composer:

composer require gearsdigital/localizer-for-kirby

Please ensure that you have minimum-stability set to dev in your composer.json


Thank you very much!