Kirby 3.1.4 is here!

It’s time for a new patch release! :rocket:


  • KirbyText in the caption attribute of the (image:) tag now gets correctly converted
  • Menu entry “Site” in Panel gets translated correctly
  • Tags and multiselect fields with non-comma separators work again
  • Mime type of JSON files was not detected correctly
  • Fixed usage of siblings methods (e.g. ->isLast()) on structure objects
  • Preview URLs open correctly for non-default languages after changing the URL suffix
  • Pages, files and users field: don’t open modal if editing non-default languages and translate: false
  • Multilang: content files of site files will not be forgotten any longer but also converted when switching from single language to multilang mode
  • Preventing caching of API requests
  • Fixed issue with detecting correct types in collection filters
  • Caching of collections now respects passing different parameters
  • Fixed issue with language loops in templates
  • Allow non-string values in field options from API
  • More reliable generation of plugin ids
  • Fixed smartypants usage in KirbyText, when set in config 'smartypants' => true
  • Fixed a situation where page title changes in the Panel would be reverted
  • Updated translations (cs, de, fa, it)


How to update

  1. Download the latest version of the kirby folder here:
  2. Unzip it and rename the folder to kirby
  3. Use it to replace your old kirby folder in your installation