In-Panel File Editor for editing localisation phrases

Hey friends,
I’m building a site that makes use of language variables for localisation of minor stuff like menu headlines, button labels etc. I’m currently using yml files as suggested in the cookbook and now looking for a way to edit those from the backend.
Simplest and most straightforward way would be to simply have a backend panel option to directly edit those translation yml files. Is there something like this already implemented in Kirby? Just so I don’t start working on something that already has a solution.
Thank you!

Are you aware of the Data class with readers and writers for json, xml and text? Maybe they will make it more comfortable for you!

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Thank you, both of you! Incredible community, yet another reason I’m glad to have finally given Kirby a try :slight_smile:
Shame on me for not finding either of those solutions with Google :see_no_evil:

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You don’t need Google for

You can look at Kirby Docs: Plugins where you find many Kirby plugins

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This is so great, thank you. Nearly makes me shed a tear for all the time and energy lost on WordPress… Kirby is making my life as a dev 20x easier.