Change default text of 'no blocks yet' in blocks field

Is there a way to change the default text of the blocks field: “no blocks yet”?

Further more, I want to have a block of url, but since there is no url block I’m going to use text block. Is there a way to change the placeholder from ‘text’ to something else?

this is my yml:

        label: Other links
        type: blocks
        width: 1/2
          - text

Thanks in advance!

  • Why do you use a blocks field instead of a structure field with a url field inside?
  • If you really want to use a blocks field, yhy don’t you create a url block with a url field?
  • and yes, text is the placeholder you can change in your blueprint. But a url field is more useful.

You’re right! I should use structure fields :sweat_smile: