How to access site blueprint field in block preview

I’m looking for a way to use a value entered in a text field in the site blueprint in a custom block preview. I assume you can’t access the site blueprint directly from a single file component?

I can get the field in the block blueprint with:

"{{ site.field }}"

But this seems to only work as a placeholder or as text in an info field and I don’t know how to call this in my block preview something like this this.content.field.text doesn’t work .

I would like to use the value in a hidden field and then call it in my block preview, any ideas how to do this?

Ok found it, with a hidden field the default can be used like this:

// blueprint

  type: hidden
  default: "{{ site.fieldName }}"

// block preview:


Would be nice if the Hidden field shows some examples?

What exactly do you mean? The hidden field doesn’t really have any other options than the default value.

Well that’s a clear answer, great, thank you! It was not clear to me reading the reference:

  type: hidden

And that leaves me: :thinking:
But that’s probably just me, overthinking everything

  type: hidden
  default: only

Would have helped (me) …