Catchable Fatal Error Error on Running Kirby in CPANEL

I’ve been trying to run an application for my boss, who is just as bossy as most bosses are. I’m also new to Kirby and I’m getting this error when I run Kirby:: I’m using a standard cpanel account for this. Please help me out on this.

Catchable fatal error : Argument 1 passed to Kirby::render() must be an instance of Page, none given, called in /home1/siltecht/public_html/habit/index.php on line 5 and defined in /home1/siltecht/public_html/habit/kirby/kirby.php on line 575

May I also mention that this is my first project in Kirby!!

What Kirby version are you using? Looks like you are using Kirby 2 but the error message is a bit confusing.

Have you made sure your Kirby version is complete, in particular. there must be a content folder. Your structure should look like this:


Inside the content folder the following files/folder must be present:

  • home
  • error
  • site.txt

Since you are new to Kirby, please note that there is a newer version (Kirby 3) available and that you can’t buy licenses for Kirby 2 anymore (so you would have to buy a Kirby 3 license, anyway)