Cartkit : Shopping cart with PayPal!

I just finished adapting the plugin for Kirby 2.
You can test the demo here:
And even clone the github repo:
git clone --recursive
link repo:

It remains to put the links in ajax ( + / - / x ).
Maybe also add Tax.

This is perfect for a small shop. :blush:

Cart blueprint :

Product blueprint :



Thanks for this plugin, @dsply! I’ve been testing this plugin and I have a question.

I have two separate prices for the same item, depending on whether or not the member buying the item is in a special member group- one price is USD $10.00 and the other is USD $5.00. Both prices are different, but are for the same event UID. When I update the quantity of one price, the other also changes as well- I do not want this. I want the prices to be independent of each other. I’m attaching a photo here so you can see what I mean:

Can you explain how to make sure the quantity of each price does not always update when the other price is selected? For example, I would like to have 1x normal registrations, and 3x special member discounts- not 3x of each. How can I do this with the same event ID but different product prices?

Thanks for your help!

You made a mistake on your theme (I think).


   <input data-id="<?php echo $product->uid() ?>" data-quantity="<?php echo $quantity ?>" pattern="[0-9]*" class="quantity" type="hidden" name="quantity_<?php echo $i ?>" min="1" value="<?php echo $quantity ?>">
   <?php echo $quantity ?> x
   <a class="btn add" href="<?php echo url('products/cart') ?>?action=add&amp;id=<?php echo $product->uid() ?>">+</a>
   <?php if ($quantity > 1): ?>
   <a class="btn remove" href="<?php echo url('products/cart') ?>?action=remove&amp;id=<?php echo $product->uid() ?>">-</a>
   <?php endif ?>
   <?php $prodtotal = floatval($product->price()->value)*$quantity ?>

Or you have a code access look?
An archive?

This is just to understand (I’m French).

If someone could help to ajax!

I would be very happy. :wink:

New demo site! —


Dear dsply, thanks so much for this plugin!

I’m sorry I cannot contribute since my coding capabilities are not sufficient.

However, I would like to contribute an idea for improvement: The possibility to enter a discount code in “Your Cart” page that would, for example, reduce the price of the goods in the cart by 50% or so.

Kind regards!

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Security upgrade to Kirby 2.1.1 and new design ! :grinning:

I tried Cartkit and I think there is a security problem.

<input type="hidden" name="amount_x" value="y">

using Firebug or similar I pay for products with their “fake prices” in Paypal landing page.

I think you have to develop same kind of prices control before Paypal redirecting (saving cart into a database or file, using amounts in Session/Cookie,…)


Excellent work @dsply! :blush:

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This is a Really Cool Plugin :slightly_smiling:!, and its a Awesome Idea

I’m triying to add a “variant” function to Cartkit. With variant function I refer to the possibility of two different prices to the same product.

Any help or idea on how implement this?

Thanks in advance. Best regards!

Hi there
I really want to use this starterkit but i can’t install it ! I have already used kirby so I know how to install it.
I have MAMP. I have downloaded the zip file from github and put every files into the “www” file of MAMP (with htaccess), but when I open the “Cartkit-master” folder, I just see a blank page. What is wrong ? Is this plugin already obsolete ?


Update with Kirby and Panel 2.3.2

Just updated, rename Cartkit-master in cartkit.
Can you speak French? (I am)

Merci pour la réponse, mais c’est toujours la même chose. J’ai télécharger la dernière version et l’ai renommée en “cartkit”, mais pareil : page blanche.
Comme dit précédemment, je n’ai jamais eu ce problème lorsque j’installais kirby sur MAMP. Je télécharge le zip, et le dé-zip dans le dossier www de MAMP. J’ouvre ensuite le dossier à partir de l’interface de MAMP.
J’aimerais vraiment le faire fonctionner parce que je dois construire un site avec des options de paiements. Est-ce qu’il y aurait autre chose ?

May I kindly ask you to stick to English in this forum? While I do understand French a bit, others might not, while your conversation might also be interesting to other users. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Are there any files in your kirby and panel folders? If you just downloaded the repo zip and unzipped it, the kirby and panel folders will be empty. Then you need to either initialize the submodules using git, or replace those folders. You don’t have to rename the cartkit-master folder (but you can, of course, name it anything you want).

BTW. You might also want to have a look at ShopKit.

Si tu télécharge Cartkit directement de Github, les dossiers Kirby et Panel ne sont pas intégré.
Un twitter ou un mail pour qu’on puisse parler en Français ?

Texnixe, I’m very sorry, I just eplained exaclty the same thing in French.

And finally, you were both right, I did a big newbie error, my two folders were empty…I’m surprise to fall into a trap like that, I think this wasn’t really clear in the doc.

So, thank you both. Dsply, youre plugin is exactly what I was looking for. It is amazingly helpfull. Contrary to ShopKit, this one is simplest.

A last question : did you finally resolve your “taxe” problem ? Because for me it is not. Why do we just put the price with the taxe already (TTC = in french, with all taxes) instead of doing this into the form ?

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@dsply I just started playing with this and it looks like it’s just what I wanted. Simple, easy to use, and easy to customize. Thanks!