Cartkit : Shopping cart with PayPal!



Hi, do you have any progress on this subject?

I would like to have sizes and colors for Carkit. Thanks


@dsply Hi! When the next release? I would like to have “sizes and colors” for Carkit.

Can you help me?



I finally resumed the development of CartKit.

A new version is available.



hi starckio

nice to hear that you resumed the development. we are working on a small website for an independent music label and want to integrate a shop system. will there be an express checkout? it’s a one pager and we dont want to have an extra site for the cart.



Nice! I have a fork of your project that works with Stripe instead of Paypal, will you implement Stripe upstream aswell?


Hello Jakob,
Basically I’m not a developer, just designer.

But you can contribute to development on github.


I have already taken a few pieces of code, I will also create a multilingual version.


I would love to see integration of Stripe as an option, as well as multilingual capability.

Nice work!


Hi @starckio,
First off all what a great job !
But I have a strange error occurring :
while i’m using your template on localhost, everything work fine it connects to paypal with no trouble and display the price.
But once it is on my (ovh) server, the shipping price is not send to paypal anymore. It drives me nuts !
any clues ? anyway I can get an error message ?

Thanks a lot !


@armansansd What are your language settings? Check out this post: Postage function with paypal


perfect !
thanks so much and sorry ; I didn’t look properly on the forum :s.


Hello, I have quite fundamental (and maybe not so plugin related) question. I tried to cheat and manually changed input values to 0, checked payment and PayPal now apparently thinks I don’t have to pay anything… Is there some sort of price check later in the process, or PayPal really let me pay 0 EUR and redirects me sucessfully back after checkout?