Can't login to panel in version 2.2.3

I guess that was it… whatever my shared hosting gave me. I’m not so much into server admin.

and it probably is. but still, I made sure that there was writing permissions on the sessions folder. I even saw the sessions being written (there were files with sess_“string”). Is there other known bugs that might happen because of the mod_php ?

yup, i would have a SSL Problem on my Hoster, but after that it works perfect…Magic :blush:

Actually, something extra strange happened with this…

I installed another website. and it stopped working again. So I switched back to the old php handler. and now it’s all working again.

Its like I have to change php version every time I have to install kirby. I know it’s my server’s problem. (and it’s not bad enough that I have to actually tackle it) but thats strange.

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Well, that’s really strange. Must be something else. Good luck with finding the issue. :slight_smile: