Can't access property "offsetTop", this.$el.querySelector(...) is null

Dear all, I’m facing an error I do not know how to solve.

In a structure data input I have a date field, when I try to select a date I get the error:
can't access property "offsetTop", this.$el.querySelector(...) is null

    label: Exhibitions
    type: structure
        label: Exhibition Title
        type: text
        required: true
        label: Exhibition Dates
        type: date
        label: Website Link
        type: url

I get the same mistake with the plugin Kirby Meta Knight when I try to input the keywords for the website.

Any clue where the problem is sitting? I recently updated Kirby to 3.5.7-rc.1.

Many thanks!

This is a known issue in the rc version.
Just had the same problem =)

oh, many thanks @Cris!
what’s the solution here? downgrading to the previous version?

Yes, I downgraded to 3.5.6 for now.
But I think it won’t take too long until the next version will be released.

perfect. many thanks again for the prompt reply!