Can't access Panel "The user could not be found"

Hello folks,
I just downloaded the starter kit (again) 2.2.3 and the “frontend” runs fine and flawless. If I browse to /panel in order to “run the Installer”, things fail on me.
The site throws an "Exception: The user could not be found in […] panel\app\src\panel.php on line 524
Which kinda makes sense 'cos this is a brand new “install” w/o any accounts after all.
I don’t get the “create your first user” screen as mentioned in the documentation.
Any ideas?

here’s the gist of Xdebug’s call stack:

  {main}( )    ..\index.php:0
  Kirby\Panel->launch( )    ..\index.php:51
  Router->run( )    ..\panel.php:365
  Router->filterer( )    ..\router.php:235
  call_user_func:{[...]\kirby\toolkit\lib\router.php:172} ( )    ..\router.php:172
  Kirby\Panel->Kirby\{closure}( )    ..\router.php:172
  Kirby\Panel->user( )    ..\panel.php:133

Where did you install Kirby? In the root of your server or in a subdirectory? Do links on the frontend work correctly?

Have you tried to set the RewriteBase in your .htaccess?

Is there anything in your site/accounts directory?

Hey, and thanks for your replies.
@texnixe it runs in it’s own domain/DocumentRoot.
My own content, snippets and templates, all work fine so do links + images while using the starter theme.

I meanwhile installed a fresh copy on a different server (hoster) where I had to uncomment and change RewriteBase / for the frontend links to work and to access /panel.

@lukasbestle there were no account files present.
I initially tried to fix the Exception and created a new account file (admin.php) manually using the toolkit classes, but it appears that file isn’t even loaded on my windoze box. Kirby just keeps bailing out with the above Exception.
I could log in though on the hosted server, but then I got a language error. Partly successful.

Since I could get to the login box I eventually wiped my handcrafted “admin.php” and was able to create a new account via the “installer”.

On the hosted server things look much better after the above rewrite fix to .htaccess :slight_smile:

I then used the newly created proper “admin.php” on my local machine, but I still get “The user could not be found”.
Frontend links and redirects work well. It’s essentially the same set of files, yet I can’t access the panel.
On Windows I have “PHP 5.4.44” and Apache 2.2 (a setup I cannot change for other reasons) Online it’s “PHP 5.5.30 cgi-fcgi”