Can we have multiple text fields on Blueprint?

I would like to know if it is possible to have multiple fields of same type on a blueprint ?
Is it possible ? And how could I achieve this ?

For example:

<?php if(!defined('KIRBY')) exit ?>

title: Artwork entry
pages: true
files: true
    label: Year
    type:  date
    format: YYYY
    label: This is text field 1
    type:  textarea
    label: This is text field 2
    type:  textarea
    label: This is text field 3
    type:  textarea

Another example could be, say for example, I would like to have 3 “phone” type fields on a blueprint, or “email” and so on…


Dumb question. Please ignore.
Still learning this thing.

For other people reading this: You can have multiple fields of the same type, but they will have to be named differently (text1, text2 etc. or any other name you can think of).

Sorry to revive a very dead topic but I actually got a bit confused about this with a very simple mistake, as I was changing the label but not the actual outer name:

    label: Text
    type: textarea

    label: Another Text
    type: textarea


Yes, the label can be anything and the same for every field (not a good idea), but the field name must be unique.