Is there easier way to translate fields labels?

Hi, if I want to present fields labels in different languages, I can write their translations in blueprint, that’s ok, but often there will be different pages with same fields, so would be easier to use something like variables, that I could translate in one place. Result would be shorter blueprints and faster translation from one place. Is it possible to do this way?

You can reuse single fields or field groups, i.e. you define them once including their translated labels, then use in all your blueprints.

Example for a single field:

in /site/blueprints/fields/textarea.yml

  en: Description
  de: Beschreibung
  it: Descrizione
type: textarea
  - headings
  - ul
  - ol

The in your blueprints:

  text: fields/textarea

For more examples of what you can extend and how, see the docs:

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