Can site logo and title links be redirected?


I am using two separate installations of Kirby for the same website. The first installation is for the main site and resides at The second installation resides in a separate “blog” folder at and is used to run a blog for the main site.

I would like the site logo and site title link of the /blog site to direct back to the URL of the main site. Currently these links direct back to the top of the /blog site. Is there any way I can make these links direct back to the main site instead?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, just put a link to the main site around the logo and title instead of linking url().

Is there a reason why you use two separate installations?

Here also, in which Kirby file can I find this line to make the change?

We are using two separate Kirby installations because:

  1. the blog site uses a totally different theme/design than the main site
  2. the client only needs access to the blog panel

We thought it would be easiest to just use two separate installs for this situation but perhaps I am wrong?


I don’t know your installation, so I don’t know where you put your logo. In the Starterkit it’s in the header snippet. In the future, pls. provide detailed information about your installation (in this case, what kit oder theme you use), so as to make it easier for us to answer your questions. Otherwise this is just guesswork.

ad 1. By using different templates/snippets for each design, you could handle all this in one installation.

ad 2. Yes, currently this makes sense, because panel permissions are not yet available.