Cache turned on but TTL missing for images and files

I have turned on the internal caching with this code in the config.php:

    'cache' => [
      'pages' => [
          'active' => true,
          'ignore' => function() {
              return kirby()->user() !== null;

Static files such as images, css or js don’t seem to get a defined TTL based on a Google Lighthouse report:

Did I miss anything?

You have enabled the pages cache. This cache stores the rendered HTML of a page in a cache file and retrieves it from there so that it doesn’t have to be rerendered on every page load, resulting in page load times similar to a static HTML page.

This has nothing to do with assets, though, for which you have to set expiry dates in your server config or .htaccess.

The HTML5 Boilerplate has a good starting point for caching (just copy over the cache rules, never the whole file, thats a good way to break stuff :slight_smile: )