Builder plugin and files

We’ve got a page using the builder field from @timoetting’s Builder plugin. Inside the field there is a textarea. Here is a reduced version of the settings:

  type: builder
  label: Interview
      label: Frage
          type: textarea
          label: Frage
          files: page.images

When trying to add images to the textarea using the toolbar, we get this error:

My guess is that the context page.images is wrong given the nested structure:
How do we have to define the files options to enable image selection?

This has already been reported here: Error message when selecting file in textarea. I think it has to be fixed in the plugin itself.

Thanks, @texnixe! And I really did search before posting …

It would probably make sense to create an issue in the builder repo.

You are right, I’ll do that.

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Hey everyone,

this is somehow a duplicate of another thread here. I just postet a reply inside that thread an am currently waiting for some input from the kirby devs.