Creating Builder Module: Download - But where is type "file"


the site i am working on is working nicely with the Builder Plugin. So i thought to have the maximum of flexibility for a “Download Module” i am using the builder. So i can choose where to place the download in the content.

But, there is not a type “File” or something, where i can choose between PDF, DOC, GPX etc.

How could i create a module like that?

Thank you

let’s you define allowed file types

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Looks really nice and useful, but i guess it wont work in Builder, or do you think so?

It should actually work in builder.

But here is an alternative:

Thank you @texnixe, i will check both plugins. I will responde here then.

The Kirby-Selector Plugin works in the Panel, i didnt build the rendering snippet, yet. But i am sure it does work.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


it does work with the “Kirby-Selector-Plugin” and the good thing is that it is an elegant way to work for the editors.

Thank you