Bugfix-Release: 2.5.1

Yikes! I hate it, when this happens. A last minute bug made it into 2.5.0 and a couple of you already reported issues with broken URLs. I’m really sorry about this. Unfortunately none of our tests detected it :frowning:

We decided to publish a fix for it as soon as possible and so here’s a very unglamorous bugfix release, which you should use instead of 2.5.0: https://getkirby.com/changelog/kirby-2-5-1


Thanks a lot for reacting so quickly! :thumbsup:
Previous releases of Kirby had a public beta, maybe that would be a good idea to do for future releases?


Yes, of course. The betas will return :slight_smile:


Thx for quick corrections !

But unfortunatly, adding a new user from panel is still broken :sweat:

@Constantin, yes, only the URL issue was fixed, the user thingy will be fixed with the next release.

The user creation issue is caused in


As a temporary fix you can change this to

  if($user && !$user->password()) {
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Done. Thank you for correction, it works fine now.

Thank you guys! Quick fix.