Bug w/ Google Chrome


Not sure if this is happening to just me, or is a wider issue…

Often when I’m working throughout a project, occasionally I will make changes to the CSS and when refreshing the page on Google Chrome, the changes will not occur. To counteract this I simply open up Safari and everything works perfectly fine.

Important to note that I’m using MAMP to run the local server.


Hi Elliot,

I work from the same local environment (Mac/MAMP). However, I’ve found that the same thing can occur in Firefox as well as Chrome (local changes to CSS files are not updated/rendered in the browser).

The most reliable method I’ve found in preventing this is to force a hard refresh. CSS changes then show immediately. I’ve not had any issues with CSS not updating in any browser since using this method.

I hope this helps.


Cheers John!

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I’m basically always just hard-refreshing myself when working on assets, but maybe also have a look at how to use version strings for your css files:

For example, you could add the current timestamp as a version number to the <link> tag.

Also this plugin:

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A simple way to fix the CSS not updating in the browers is to do a hard refresh.

You can simply do this by holding down shift + clicking refresh on any browser (mac).