Browser features detection


I’m running my first Kirby website, and browsing with Edge Mobile who supports CSS Grids, I can’t login to panel.
Is there any way to bypass this features detection for false positives like this ?

Thank you

That’s interesting, I’m not aware of the panel doing browser feature detection but I guess for the minute the only way would be to use another mobile browser like Opera or Chrome.

What does the Panel actually do, display nothing?

Unfortunately no alternative browser on Windows 10 Mobile.
It seems to be JS detection, but JS files are minified, so very difficult to edit.

I am redirected to /panel/browser, saying “We are really sorry, but your browser does not support all features required for the Kirby Panel.
CSS Grid
We use CSS Grids for all our layouts. You can find a list of supported browsers for this feature on

The panel checks for css grid support and fetch. The check for css grid looks like this:

if (window.CSS && window.CSS.supports("display", "grid")) {
  // browser is supported 

And the check for fetch like this:

if (window.fetch !== undefined) {
  // browser is supported

Which version of Edge do you use? If can be trusted everything newer than 14 should be fine.

Edge Mobile, on Windows 10 mobile. CSS Grids works on websites, but this feature detection doesn’t seems to work.

I just installed Edge Mobile on my Android 8.1.0 phone (its a Nexus 6) and the panel worked great, no warnings at all. Odd the windows version doesnt.

Edge in not an app on Windows 10 mobile, it’s a core component. But i use CSS Grids on frontend of many website, and all is working well.

Hm, that’s really weird. The only thing I can offer right now is to add a way to the next version to disable feature detection.

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Or at least a “Proceed anyway” button would do.

Edge version is 15.
I tried to edit app.js to always return “true” instead checking css grid support, but no success.
Minified js isn’t really lisible