Blueprint label is not being displayed

I’ve got a weird situation:

the blueprint looks like this:

but in backend it’s being displayed like this (default values):

Any idea what I did wrong here?

Which version of Kirby are you using? Used to be headline…, label for sections was introduced in 3.6.4.

I’m using 3.6.6


Then maybe it’s because of the preset? Why don’t you use normal sections, don’t see an advantage in using the preset here (and we will deprecate them in 3.7, anyway)

I followed this tutorial :upside_down_face:

If you want to use the preset, you have to replace label with headline. I guess we overlooked the preset when we did a search & replace…

If I were you, I’d do it like this:

title: default

    label: Team
    sections: # use sections here instead of preset
        label: New Team Members
        info: "{{ page.position }}"
        template: team-member
        type: pages
        label: Team
        layout: cards
        info: "{{ page.position }}"
        template: team-member
        type: pages
          ratio: 1/1
          cover: true

    label: Content
    preset: page
    pages: false
        label: Intro
        type: textarea
        size: medium

I updated the example in the docs accordingly.

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Thanks for updating it, I’m almost there. Now I have the issue, that section “drafts” show listed elements too instead only drafts or being empty if there is no draft.

True, we also have to add the status property now the preset is gone, sorry…

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