Blueprint date field: entering dates which are >10 years earlier/later


When using the date field in a blueprint it’s very hard to change the date multiple years back/forward at once. The only option I found to change the year more than +/- 10 years is to click on the month-year heading in the date-picker and select the earliest available month-year combination. If I need to go back another 10 years I have to click on the month-year heading again and so on.


As we use the date field for date of birth it’s very tedious to go back multiple decades.

I also tried selecting the year part in the input and entering the date via keyboard, but this is not supported. Also the select which is shown when clicking on the year in the date field only shows +/- 10 years.

You can set a min date, this will change the options.


min: '01.01.1900'

Thanks! This works when clicking on the year-part in the date-field.

But why doesn’t the min-setting also change the year-select inside the date-picker? It still shows the same years as in the screenshot in my first post.

Strangely, when I use min: 1970-01-01 the min-setting seems to be ignored. However it works with other dates (1920-01-01, 1950-01-01, 1971-01-01). Any ides what this is about?

Maybe a joke, because it is the start of the Unix epoch :joy:

I don’t have the slightest idea :woman_shrugging:.

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