Multiple Date Selector in Blueprint

Hello all!

I’m looking for a solution that enables a panel user to select multiple dates for an event via only one field vs having multiple fields for additional dates- trying to streamline data entry for the panel user. Has anyone successfully created a blueprint with multiple date values output via one field? Ideally, I’d like the user to be able to select multiple dates and then output that on the front end as a list of dates for specific events vs entering separate dates via separate fields.

@distantnative’s Multiselect plugin seems almost perfect, but it looks like it is intended to function as a select field type. I’m looking for the same exact concept, except with a date field type.


The easiest way - and one that works out of the box - would be a structure field with a single date field, but you are probably looking for another solution. Otherwise you would have to create a custom field, but then again I wonder if a sort of multi-select field with an integrated data picker would be very user friendly?

Thanks for your thoughts, @texnixe!

I went ahead and deployed multiple date fields that, upon a toggle switch, will either display or not display, depending on what the panel user’s preferences are. Still looking for a more streamlined solution for multiple date fields, but for now this will do!