Adding dates fields

I would like to let the user add dates with two date fields (date-start and date-end). What plugin do you advice me to just display an add button, and each time the button is clicked, two more dates fields could be available ? Something like selectplus with two dates instead.
I’m a bit lost between modules / constructs / field engineer for a simple thing like that.

Why don’t you use the standard structure field?

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Mhmmm…Maybe because I’m not awake. I did not see things like that, thank you for your lighting!

I agree with @texnixe, even if I built Engineer. I tend to always fall back to the stuff built into the core when ever possible and use plugins a kind of last resort. I have made over 50 plugins, so maybe I should just shut up. :wink:

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Especially with Kirby 3 in the pipeline, you never know if plugins will still work in the future.