Blocks Create OL

Blocks > type List is supposed to support ordered and unordered lists according to the reference page.

I have not been able to create an OL as the top level list. I’m only able to create an OL nested within a UL. See example here:

I’d like to use the unit to create just an OL, like this:

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Not nested within an UL

Experiencing this issue using:
OSX 11.2.3 - Firefox & Chrome

Appreciate any insights, thanks!

I can make it work as follows:

select the first item and then in the “popover bar” that appears select the first item to choose “sorted list”.

Edit: this is for the “list field”, but I assume it might work the same for the “block list field” ?

Ah ha! yes. Thanks for pointing this out.

I was trying to begin the list by typing the number “1.” as that works for the nested lists.

I think this could be made to work more intuitively, but great to know that there is a way to do it. My ideal behavior would be that if you just begin typing in the field, you get an UL, but if you start with "1. " you get a OL.

There is already an issue here: