Disable <ol> in kirbytext


how can i deactivate the ordered list in kirbytext? im deveoping a website for a book in german and i need to write things like “1. Auflage” etc but kirbytext migrates that into an ordered list and it crashes my design.

How can i deactivate ordered lists?


You can backslash escape the period like this:

1\. Auflage

Alternatively, you can use a field that is just output with html().

1\. Auflage

is working, thank you!!

HTML was no option, because it would be too difficult with html tags for the user :slight_smile:

I did not mean for the user to use html in the field. I meant a separate text field that you do not output in your template with the kirbytext() method, but the html() method like this:


Don’t know if that makes sense in your context, though.