Blockquote in kirbytextinline() / kti()

The method kirbytextinline() / kti() doesn’t render “blockquotes”. Is this normal?

Yes, since a blockquote is not an inline element.

Is there a way to render Blockquote?

> This is my Quote

The question has already been answered? What exactly are you trying to do?

I have a writer field. I use $field->kirbytext()in the output. I like the example above converted to

This is my Quote

Well, but a writer field is not a markdown field, and a quote is not a supported node in a writer field. So this won’t work.

Your example is stored as <p>&gt; This is my Quote</p> in the content file. So even if the kirbytext() method translated this into a quote, the resulting HTML wouldn’t be valid (quote inside p tag).

This seems to work:

'hooks' => [
	'kirbytext:after' => function ($text) {
		return implode('', array_map(function ($l) {

			if (substr($l, 0, 5) == "&gt; ") {
				//Remove Markdown
				$l = str_replace('&gt; ', '', $l);
				return '<blockquote>'.str_replace('</p>', '</blockquote>', $l);
			return '<p>' . $l;
		}, explode('<p>', $text));