Kirby editor not rendering the full html?

Hi all

This is my first Kirby forum post, so forgive me any rookie mistakes.

I’m using Kirby version 3.3.5 and have played around with it and I’m quite impressed! I also installed the new editor plugin, version 1.0.2.

I followed the instructions on the Editor plugin wiki page. The editor in the panel works OK, but when I check the rendered HTML not all blocks are rendered OK.

In the panel editor view I defined a Heading 1, an unnumbered list, a quote, and a code block.

and this is how it renders:

So the rendering of the hor. line and the code part seems to work, but the list and the blockquote part not. Is this something I could have overwriten via CSS? I’m not a CSS expert, but UL and blockquote seems basic HTML tags to me.

Thanks for any pointers to a possible solution!


Please check out the rendered source code in the browser and also check your CSS. If the quote and list are correctly rendered, then it’s a CSS issue.

In your headline it says the full HTML is not rendered, so please post what you actually see in the inspector.

Thanks for your quick response. Here is a screenshot of the inspector:

I haven’t created any specific CSS yet, the index.css is the one from the starkit project.

thanks for your advice

ok, I solved the bullet lists, and I guess the blockquote is then also CSS related.

My CSS skills are certainly rusty :-/

Happy refreshing !