How to use kirbytext() in plain block elements?

The exciting new blocks feature of kirby is pretty much more intuively usable and will therefore boost the panel expirience for customers. For a new part of my customer’s website, I’d like to employ blocks. Up to now I have been accustomed to using the kirbytext() feature and Kirby tags alot.

But inside the blocks, that does not work. For example, I’d like to employ an HTML — character in a header, like so:

Startseite — Inhaltsverzeichnis

When I use the block’s render function from the Kirby reference , I only get

Startseite — Inhaltsverzeichnis

Obviously, the header blocks cannot be formatted like markdown text, e. g. with embedded HTML entities, nor can I use my Kirby tags. How can I make that work? Or am I supposed not to use the header blocks, when I have such a requirement, but instead setup every block as a markdown one?

Why do you need to add it as htmlentity instead of just the character?

Kirbytags can still be used via the Markdown block (although not inline in a text block)

How do you enter characters like — (—), ↑ (↑), and so on, in a cross-browser, cross-platform manner without using the corresponding HTML entities :relaxed: (☺)?