Best way to create categories and dedicated pages with introduction text

Hi there,

I’m not new with Kirby but on the forum :slight_smile:

For a client I have to create a portfolio website.
Basically there are projects, each one has one and only category.
On my “projects” page I have a list of every projects and a nav to filter by category.
If one selects a category it opens the page with the url looking like projects/category:cat1 and the page has an introduction text and the list of projects with the category cat1.

I wonder what’s the best way to do so.
I tried created pages inside “projects” with the template “category”. But I’m wondering if there’s something more user friendly. Categories titles are not modifiable, just the text.

Anyone has an opinion about that?

You could create a structure field in the parent page, with a field for the category name and the an intro text.

Then query the category item from this structure collection. If the categories should be fixed, prefill the structure with the names, disable the name field, set the max number of entries to the number of entries and let user just edit the intro.

Thank you very much! It helps a lot :bowing_man: