Back to the basics for the textarea field

I do not agree with handing over a full-featured WYSIWYG editor to the client, but I cannot escape the need to offer a very basic set of tools so they do not have to fuss with markdown. I’m happy with markdown. Clients fear it. My suggestion is to bring back the option to include more formatting buttons for the textarea field.

I think most find 2 headers, bold, italic, link, and a list perfect. maybe a help icon that links to a resource that instructs how to use all of KirbyText’s features.

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Are you aware of the Visual Markdown Editor by @DieserJonas?

I was about to ask why the h1-h3 disappeared. I think they worked well? I miss them.

The plugin did not work out well for me.

Just curious: What’s the problem with the plugin, Jens?

I’ve explored the available markdown editors and uninstalled them shortly after using them. I forget why but I know I went back and reinstalled them and felt the same way again then uninstalled them. I think it had something to do with the editor’s output looking foreign when compared to the rest of the native panel page (fonts, styles…). I also don’t want to rely on a third party editor. All of Kirby’s fields are great, but the editor could offer just a bit more without having to dive into markdown. Seems like it did before. Why did it change?

I can’t remember. It had something to do with javascript. Things started jumping around. It’s in a thread here somewhere.

There is a new field which I think has great potential:


What I love about is that it’s still just a textarea, not a field that tries to be a wysiwyg.

I have an issue with a new button, but it’s probably going to be solved soon (I’m guessing).

Right. That is promising. Thanks for sharing.

Are there options to configure things a bit? For example assign h2 and h3 instead of h1 and h2 or remove buttons?

You can choose what buttons you want to show, like this:

    type: textarea
     - link
     - h1
     - h2

About the h3, I’ve added an issue about adding it:


Thanks for that idea. I used that feature of the Visual Markdown Editor a lot for pages that had a predefined “h1” field as a page title or used the page name as the h1.

I’ve added an issue about this:

EDIT: I just closed the issue. It’s now possible to set the headline buttons to any value between h1 and h6 in the site/config.php. The number of “#” as well as the number in the icon will be adjusted accordingly.

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This is excellent.

Any chance of lists (ordered unordered)? I know. It’s borderline pushin’ too much but I for one think a killer essential set would be one-two headers, bold, italic, link, and an unordered list. The other options are great but are more of a bonus.

I’ve added the list buttons. You can turn them on/off with “olist” and “ulist”.

But just as the headline function this simply inserts "- " or "1. " before the selected text. I’d like to insert a new line for these buttons automatically.

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Just load it down. It’s exellent thguenter,
Thanks a lot!