AudioExt aka Audio

Ok, today I published the version 1.1 of the audio plugin in my GitHub repository.



  • Changed the used the default kirbytext tag from audio to audioext. It’s is possible to reactivate the audio tag support.
  • Changed the name of theis extension from “Audio” to “AudioExt”. “AudioExt” stands for “Video Extended”.
  • Changed the used custom config variable for a better usage with other extension and kirby.
  • Moved the used code into a custom class for better reusage in themes and other extension.
  • Some Options and there values are changed.
  • Add to the figcaption a CSS class to realize if the tag is at the top or bottom.
  • Clean up code


When you have ideas for a new feature, please open a new issue on the GitHub page of this plugin.

Since I am working with music a lot I am quite interested in such a plugin. Regrettably I didn’t get it to work. I installed all the components within the three respective site-folders. Maybe I missed something? Is the plugin still up to date?

Hi Kate,
Did you get it work?
Is there anybody else got it work?
Fanningert is not answering at all …

Hm, that’s a bit strange. The last commit is 21 days old, so @fanningert seems to be still alive …

No, I did not, JohanneS. So I simply use the HTML5 embedding code, which is not so much more difficult to use and explain. But in case you get it to run, please drop a note!

You can also easily create your own kirbytag, if you need to include audio via an input field in the panel.