Audio player on page

How can I display an audio player in my blog posts?

When I insert an audio file from the files sidebar in the panel, then I get the name of the file displayed. When I click it, a new window opens with an audio player.

How can I display an audio player directly on the page?

In the devtools I can see, that it is wrapped in an a tag. How could I apply a class to it?

I tried the AudioExt plugin, but I couldn’t get it to work.

If you have always the same content structur in your blog post
you can use in your template:

The plugin should actually work if it is correctly installed (it’s a bit complicated, because it doesn’t use the new way of installing plugins, so you have to copy all files into the correct folders. Also, the readme is not quite correct, either). It does not seem to work on the homepage though.

You might as well create your own custom kirbytag for your purposes, if you just want a simple audio tag, maybe you don’t need all the options from the plugin.