Audioext plugin does not work

I try to use the audioplugin by @fanningert, but I can’t get it working. It outputs always literally the markdown text (audioext ogg: media_besame.ogg mp3: media_besame.mp3)
In the template I use ->text()->kirbytext(). I checked that by formatting the text.

I put the plugin in the pluginfolder:

I’am using Kirby 2.3,
thanks for help :confused:

Have you put the audioext tag into site/tags as well?

Yes, and renamed it into audio.php

I think it should be called audioext.php, not audio.php? And you use “audioext” in your tag as well.

No, it’s not working and yes I’am using audioext(audioext ogg: media_besame.ogg mp3: media_besame.mp3)
The config settings are optional, are they? There is no setting required, I think?!

If I use (audioext: media_besame.mp3) the player is showing up but not working.

Well, I’m not familiar with the plugin, if you have done this:

  • put the plugin in /site/plugins and name the folder “audioext”
  • put the tag file in /site/tags and name audioext.php

then it should atually work. All options seem to be, well, optional.

If it does not work, maybe @fanningert has an answer.

Yes, nevertheless thank you,
I guess you are right…

Are you using the latest version ?

It´s all the latest version?!

As far as I know yes, can you try using the old “audio” tag instead of the newer “audioext” to see if it makes any difference for you ?

I got it working, it has to be called by:

(audioext: mp3: yourSound.mp3 ogg: yourSound.ogg )
and not
(audioext mp3: yourSound.mp3 ogg: yourSound.ogg )
as shown on @fanningert Github repro.

I saw in the description for the video plugin by @fanningert
(videoext: mp4: big_buck_bunny.mp4 ogg: big_buck_bunny.ogv webm: big_buck_bunny.webm)


Glad you sorted it out, I think I should clean my glasses more often; in fact, all Kirby tags always have a colon after the tag name.

I will create an issue in the audioext repo, though; don’t know if that repo is still being maintained, there hasn’t been any activity for quite a while.

Hi @texnixe,
there is I think still an issue more, because the plugin always calls the ogg before the mp3. Wich causes at least in Chrome and Opera, that the audio file only will play 31 sec. I don’t know why?!

I fixed it in my plugin audioext.php:
changing line 216 and 217. Now it works fine!

You are right, there was no activity for long time.

I was just going to suggest changing the order of the sources …

Yes and I’am trying to include m4a for smartphone…

Can I suggest that you fork the repo on github and submit your changes once you finalize your additions ?

I already added support for M4A in the plugin and tag php. It’s working. But I never used Github, although I am using Git for my self.
So I guess, I will find out how to fork…

All you need to to is click on the “Fork” button on the repository (of course, you need to create an account first).

You can read the github doc about forks here:

@texnixe is just too fast !

I have an account, and I did fork.
Then I edit the changes create a new branch, for instance audio_support, commit it and …
I’am just reading the article…

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