Aside with footnotes corresponding to copy possible?

Hi everyone. I searched the forum, but am not quite sure if I can answer my own question, because I can’t really judge the code snippets in some of the topics. Is something as shown in the image possible with Kirby and the footnotes plugin? Or is there another way to accomplish footnotes always next to the occurrence, no matter how long the text is?

Just wanted to ask before I go down a road that might be too complex for my knowledge :wink:

This is probably the most relevant thread here with some links: Sidenotes / Marginnotes in Kirby - #10 by kiahr

Guess you mean this plugin: GitHub - sylvainjule/kirby-footnotes: Footnotes plugin for Kirby 3

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Thank you very much @texnixe. I somehow missed that post. Sorry :see_no_evil: and thanks again.