Are there some Kirby-experts who can probably help us?

Hello Kirby-users. I am new here! I am working as a graphic designer for Pilat&Pilat (Holland). Our website was set up/built in Kirby by a dutch webagency (before i came working here). This web-agency does not exist anymore and now we have the problem that there are few agency’s who work with this flat file system.

We invested in this website and it works well, but now we want to make some changes and i need some technical support. Can someone please give us some names/agency’s of Kirby-experts somewhere in Holland who would like to help us? Thanks in advance

Well, It just so happens that I run a Kirby powered agency… although I am not in Holland, nor do I speak Dutch :slight_smile:

If you do not manage to find a local company to help you, please feel free to drop me a direct message or contact me through and I’m sure we can get your changes organised. I am based in the United Kingdom.

Thanks for your comment. In the first instance, I would like to work with a Dutch-speaking Kirby expert. But if this search does not produce any results, I will certainly consider contacting you

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My name is Nur Bar, I have been working with kirby for a while, mostly backend things and then some design (I discovered a way to extend the panel that wasn’t used before for example). I don’t speak dutch, but one of my partner’s is Durtch and I work for the Rollende Keukens Festival (we just started rebuilding their CRM). They have limited Kirby experience but I’m sure we can make it work between all of us.

PM me or send me an email to



I have developed quite a few Kirby based websites. I live in Flanders (Belgium), so I speak pseudo-dutch :wink:

I am limited on time at the moment though, so depending on the kind of support you require I might be able to help (or not).