Any shop solutions for Kirby 3?

@klixx Are you aware of the Merx plugin:

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Nope. Thanks for the tip!

Is it the same like shopkit? Especially from the scope.

I don’t know, you would have to look into the details and compare yourself. Or get in touch with the developers.

I’ll take a look. Thank you!

Also, even if I refused earlier in this thread, Snipcart is a really cool solution! You can outsource all the complex stuff and just care about your site. Its very easy to set up a demo account for you to check out all the functionality

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No, a Kirby 3 version is not on the horizon yet, sorry

I’m in the middle of the development of a site with Merx and I think is really good. It takes a little bit to understand how it works, but when you are familiar with it its really flexible and useful. Checkout the demosite they developed for a “starterkit” like experience.


i’ve developed somewhat shop plugins for some use cases. while i was always insterested in some pre-build things to save time, i always found myself i require more flexibility or the available plugins had to be changed to quite an extend.

OR a shop was not really usable in a country because like US and EU shops seem to be quite different in terms of privacy and things.

merx seems to be a middle-way solution giving much flexibility, but still requires to lift much of the work (as far as i could see from the docs)

don’t forget you could just load other resources into kirby with composer… there’s a few couple cart classes, as well as payment systems such as omnipay. while it might require an aditional step to be coded by yourself, you will be as flexible as it gets.

but well it always depends on what features your shop needs, and on what size will become… there’s a hell lot of questions you should ask yourself…


  • how to save orders… (flat file, database) or manually create orders after your shop form is submitted
  • what kinds of product features do you need, sizes, variing prices, multiple tax rates etc.pp
  • discounts


either way, your personalized store is not just one click away…

obviously at some point you would validate the order…

many companies feature this kind of “simple button” where you set everything with a few lines of html

Well, WooCommerce is not exactly free. I guess they want an additional cut from the cake in return for those services.

Well you can use it for free, but the pain is expensive!

Especially when having a big shop with a decent monthly turnover, In review I can say, that it is better to pay 1-2% more, but have a bulletproof shop, managed by a company specializing in ecommerce, offering good docs, tutorials and a hotline.

(Also for full WooCommerce online shop you will probably pay for plugins, definitely need a stronger server, and will spend much more time scrolling through StackOverflow. So summed up, it is much more expensive than one thinks at the beginning. To anyone who likes the philosophy and way of working with Kirby, I cannot recommend it.)

any update on this? I’d really love this plugin in v3

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Also there is the Shopify JS-Buy SDK:

It means that all the products and the checkout process is handled by Shopify. But none the less, you can fetch all product collections, single products, their variations, put them into a basket and create a checkout link. So you still have good control over the shop and cart design.
And AFAIK, a lite plan will do it.

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