All available blueprint options


yes i read through this Available blueprint options old topic. Addtionally i came across options being available in the users blueprint, e.g.

    editor: false
    admin: true

as these options came quite handy to my use case i am wondering where to learn about all the options available. I also grabbed through the kiorby code but git lost somewhen. If you could point me to the right direction e.g. for “users” this will help a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

Thomas E.-E.

I found these in the source code:

                'create'         => null,
                'changeEmail'    => null,
                'changeLanguage' => null,
                'changeName'     => null,
                'changePassword' => null,
                'changeRole'     => null,
                'delete'         => null,
                'update'         => null,

thanks for your quick help? In which file?


oh yes, i see … thanks!

Unfortunately in my case it didn’t work as i expected. I added:

    manager: true
    manager: false

hoping the given language selector in CreateUserView would disappear, but it doesn’t …

Hm, what if you use permissions instead of options (I never even considered that options existed).

I use permissions:

    panel: true
    site: true
    settings: false
    users: true
  languages: false
    changeEmail: true
    changeLanguage: false
    update: true
    changeEmail:	true
    changeLanguage:	false
    update: true

but still the language dropdown is available in CreateUserDialog:

Oh, ok, I think it’s not possible to remove that field via a blueprint setting. You either need a custom dialog, or you could simply hide the field via custom Panel CSS.

great idea to use the custom CSS which works quite fine. I now have to fiddle out how remove the parent > parent > k-column div which has the .k-field-name-language beneath it. Otherwise a quite huge space remains. Unfortunetaly there is (still) no CSS-parent-selector availble :wink:

Yes, that’s true, maybe hide the nth div of the parent

for that i would need to identify this specific dialog, otherwise the selector would be quite unspecific, right? Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be specific class identifiying the UserCreateDialog.

I’d try this plugin: GitHub - mullema/k3-panel-view-extended: Quick fix for some missing features in the panel

It should make it easier to target a specific view. Haven’t used it myself, so can’t tell for sure.