After panel login: last active page is shown

Hi folks

I noticed a strange behaviour: let’s say I am on the user administration page in the panel and log out of Kirby an then again log in, the last active page is shown, in this case the user administration page. I would actually expect to land on the main panel site.

Reseting the browser does not help. Somehow Kirby stores the last displayed panel page and redirects to this page after login. Any ideas how I could disable this behaviour?

Thanks & cheers


I think this only happens if the session cookie is still set. If you clear the browser cache, this will not happen.

Thanks @texnixe, you were right. After some more digging, I found the reason. When the user logs out of Kirby, a new cookie is set whereas the previous cookie gets deleted. However, the new cookie only takes effect, if the login page is reloaded. If it is not reloaded, the old cookie (although deleted) still seems to be active in the Vue context.